• Tobias Scott


Who I am

My Name is Tobias. My passions are kayaking, surfing, and climbing. I’m currently living out of a red ambulance I’ve converted into a cozy adventure mobile. It allows me to keep costs down and travel freely when ever I want. My favorite part of traveling is meeting and connecting with people from all over the world. I’m trying to find the “real experience” where ever I go, capturing these experiences through a lens of a Canon and of a free spirit.

What I do

Ive been a photographer since 2014, and specialize in family, weddings, and adventure photography. When I first started photography, it was simply just to capture my own adventures, but now I have realized that life isn’t just about your own adventure, but how it intertwines with others.

Wedding Photography

There is a raw emotion, difficult, yet beautiful when captured in a picture. Weddings have an atmosphere of love, and I love to encompass that emotion through photography. Cathedral or beach, church or mountain, I’m equally excited for whatever, and wherever, you want your special day to be.

Adventure Photography

Adventure photography has been a passion of mine from the beginning. Its a been a way to look back on those adrenalin filled moments and relive the experience. From the beach to mountains and everywhere in-between, I love to explore myself and the world through the lens of a camera.

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